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What are Rally’s hours of business?


When is last call?

Our last call is always 15 mins prior to our closing time (mentioned above), and never later than 1:45am (as per AGLC regulations).

What is your seating reservation policy?

We take very limited general table reservations, instead focusing on a ‘first come, first served’ approach. Nothing worse than showing up to a room that is fully reserved with no energy, right? That said, you can search ‘book a reservation’ and our system will show what seated tables ARE available to reserve. Min 4 persons to reserve and last table reservations must be sat by 8pm.

Can I bring in my own ping-pong paddle or pool cue?

Of course!  Just make sure it’s regulation size.  I mean, who likes a cheater? 😉

What do you offer for Birthdays?

At Rally we might be more excited about your birthday then you are! For parties of 4 or more, we offer a $20 Rally gift card and reserved ‘home base’ seating, . Click here to book now. Need something more? Give us a call, we’re happy to help plan some other surprises!

*Birthday must fall within 14 days of event (confirmed with government issued ID)

*Guests must arrive by no later than 10pm to be guaranteed ‘home base’ seating.

What is priority entry?

Priority entry means that if there is a line up upon your arrival you will get placed in a special line with other groups that also booked ahead. This line moves quicker than general admission. Please note, there are times where the wait can be several minutes and being in either line does not guarantee immediate entry.

Where do I park?

As Rally is in the heart of historic Whyte Ave – Parking can be tricky, but there are more parking options than you might have known.  Click link for a great list of options:

Being in an entertainment Hub, all taxis, ride-share companies and public transportation are frequently in the area, and in summer, many choose scooter rentals to get them to their favourite Whyte Ave destination.

Dress Code?

Whether you decide to dress it up or keep it casual, we’re cool with both. As long as you look like a winner, we’re happy to rally with you!

Is Rally open to all ages?

Rallying is 18+; as dictated by our AGLC liquor license. Sorry teenagers, but we look forward to helping you celebrate your adult birthday!

Do you book large parties, fundraisers or events?

You know we do! Large party table, semi- private, fully private Annex or book out the whole kit and caboodle! Click here!

Does Rally support fundraising groups?

Absolutely!  We have aligned with a few since inception that are special to us (Edmonton’s Food Bank & Free Play for Kids), and will continue to support causes whenever we can.  If you have a specific inquiry, please drop us an email ‘here ‘outlining your organization and how you feel we can help.  We’ll try to support as many causes as we can muster.  An easy approval from Rally is to book one of our in-house fundraising parties ‘here’ where Rally makes a product donation to help increase the value of your organization’s ticket sales.

Help - I lost something at Rally!

Oh no! Please drop us an email here with a detailed description of your item(s), and the date you were visiting us, so that we can look through our lost and found and touch base with you asap. A reminder that Rally is not responsible for any items lost on our premises.