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Play with friends again. A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. Except the loser.

A black ping pong paddle and a white ping pong ball sitting on a blue ping pong table.


Challenge your pals to a head to head match of this classic arcade gem (dating back to 1908) for bragging rights!

Skeeball Scratch:

$1 per game first come, first serve

Ping Pong (Free)

Smack the ball. Smack it again! Oh you missed it…wait, it didn’t touch the table! You totally meant to do that. Have a sip of your drink, you’re sweating.


Is there a more satisfying sound than the crack of a billiards break? Probably—but we’re trying to get you dreaming about playing pool here.

Billiards Bills:

2$ per game, first come, first serve.

Rules & Regulations

Shuffleboard (Free)

Your grandpa had a shuffleboard table in his basement rumpus room. Right next to the liquor cabinet. Make him proud, kiddo.

Rules & Regulations Two people playing billiards at Rally. In the foreground, a person is resting a glass of beer on the billiards table, and in the background, two people are having a conversation at the bar.
Six people hanging out and playing ping pong at Rally. A large blue and purple mural is on the wall behind them.

Birthday Party

Know someone who was born?
Perfect, let’s party.

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A large group of people smiling and posing for the camera on the Rally dancefloor, with the disco ball in the background.

Stag(ette) Party

Ping pong is much less awkward than a private dancer.

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A Rally server smiling at the camera and holding a tray of beers. It’s nighttime, and there are many people in the background.

Corporate Party

Play some games. Drink some drinks.
Forget to invite HR.

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